About journal

Since 2005, the Academy publishes the scientific-theoretical journal «Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy».

Since 2011, the journal is included in the list of Russian peer-reviewed journals, in which the basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences must be published. The journal has changed external and internal design of the publication. The quality of the print improved significantly. The journal has a citation index RISC. On the official website of the Scientific electronic library www.elibrary.ru you can see both the common citation index of the magazine as a whole, and the citation index of the individual authors.

The scientific-theoretical journal «Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy» publishes articles, reflecting the contribution of scientists in different branches of agrarian science. In the journal, there are scientific articles of postdoctoral students, post-graduate students, and research workers in the following fields of science:
– Biological,
– Agricultural,
– Technical,
including groups of disciplines:
– 03.01.00 – Physico-chemical biology,
– 03.02.00 – General biology,
– 05.20.00 – Processes and machinery agro-engineering systems,
– 06.01.00 – Agronomy,
– 06.02.00 – Veterinary medicine and zootechnics.
Libraries of higher educational institutions of Russia are subscribed to the journal. Every year the number of subscribers increases.
All manuscripts submitted to the editorial staff are reviewed by at least two members of editorial team for the expert assessment.
Editorial staff shows the reviews of all the authors of the manuscripts. Since 2011, the journal «Vestnik of the Ulyanovsk state agricultural Academy» is included in the catalogue of «Russian Post» (index 79384), published four times a year. The scientific edition has a site in the Internet. In a free access at the address: http://vestnik.ugsha.ru is there is the information about the members of the editorial team with the indication of their scientific degrees and scientific ranks, the rules for authors, contents of issues and information about the authors in Russian and English. In addition, the full-text version of the journal is  posted in  the site http://www.elibrary.ru. Information about the published articles is regularly provided in the system of Russian index of scientific citation.

All the publications of the journal contain annotations, keywords, abstract in Russian and English, bibliographic lists in a single format established by the system of the Russian index of scientific citation. In each journal there is the information about the authors in Russian and English with the indication of their work place, positions and contact information. Rules for the submission of manuscripts are regularly published in the journal and strictly observed by the editorial team. The publication of the manuscripts by post-graduate students is free. In case of refusal to publish the author's materials, the editorial staff send a reasoned conclusion.